1970-01-01 08:33

  Recently, good news came from the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The 1.5KV glass fiber sleeve provided by Sunbow has been tested by TKD Japan Headquarters, and many indicators have reached the standard. Among them, the CPK index of the most demanding rigid index size test reached 1.67, and the sample was successfully tested by customers at one time, which indicates that Sunbow glass fiber tube has successfully become a supplier of TDK, and it also means that Sunbow has become a secondary supplier of Toyota TOYOKO.

  At present, there are no fewer than 1,000 manufacturers producing glass fiber tubes in China, but most of them are of uneven quality, with no lowest price but lower price. Most factories do not have their own unique formula and no systematic quality control system, so there is no difference in the products they make. The reason is that most factories are still in the stage of small workshops, while our Sunbow factory is a factory that carries out product quality management through ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management systems unconditionally according to the system requirements, so as to do so. 

  TDK is a leading Japanese company in electronic raw materials and components. We got in touch with TDK's Japanese headquarters in March of 19, when a customer had an electronic component for Toyota that needed to use glass fiber tubes. The voltage resistance was 1.5KV, and the accuracy was very high. Among them, the requirements for inner diameter and outer diameter were very high, with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.2mm and a CPK index of 1.67, while the industry standard tolerance was plus or minus 0.5 mm.

  Inform the customer by email that Sunbow can meet all the requirements of the customer, and the tolerance range meets the requirements of CPK index. After a preliminary review by TDK headquarters, TDK headquarters decided to come to our factory for on-site inspection on October 20, 19. In retrospect, it is still fresh in my memory. We went to the hotel to pick up the customer, but it was rejected. The company has regulations that all the expenses of coming to the supplier should be borne by their company.

  At 9: 00 a.m., there were 9 customers, one of whom was the technical director of TDK China, and the other 8 were technical and purchasing staff of TDK Japan headquarters. They all had a strict audit on Sunbow's supplier management, financial management, factory quality system management and personnel administration management, and they had a total of 2 days' inspection. What impressed me was the professionalism and clean system of Japanese enterprises. They pay great attention to details, from the accommodation of employees to the wearing of work clothes labels.

  In fact, we also very much hope to cooperate with such customers, and we must also cooperate with such customers. In this way, after a week of factory inspection, we received good news from our customers. Our factory inspection passed, and we have to wait for them to inform us to provide samples for testing. On March 18th, 2020, we received a notice from the customer requesting proofing. By the end of March, we submitted the sample, and received feedback in early May. The electrical insulation performance of 1.5KV glass fiber tube was 100% satisfied with the customer's requirements. What's more, the inner diameter and outer diameter were within the customer's requirements, and the CPK index reached 1.67. We started the PPAP file and the preliminary preparation for the first trial production.

  Sunbow glass fiber tube, the quality is in the top three.