Sunbow Statement

   1. We promise to become an excellent and recognized leader in the world insulation sleeve industry, the preferred and qualified supporting supplier for world-class manufacturers and well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, with excellent quality, reasonable prices, comprehensive services, and timely delivery.

   2. We promise to resolutely eliminate the occurrence of unqualified products, provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable insulation products, and contribute our efforts to the harmony of humanity and society.

   3. We promise that our products will strictly comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules and other relevant requirements.

   4. We continuously improve equipment and facilities, innovate technology, and update process parameters to improve product quality, save energy and reduce consumption, implement a low-carbon economy, and enhance the environmental and safety performance of our products.

   5. We promise to provide effective and comprehensive training to employees, and provide corresponding resources to improve their professional skills and literacy, as well as their awareness of environmental protection, health and safety. Enhance employees' professional skills and qualities to ensure that they can strive to improve and improve their work performance.